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Choosing the Best Dog Treats for Our Chicago Pets


Giving your dog treats is an adorable and fun way to bond with them. However, some treats are not quite the reward you were thinking of because they can be downright unhealthy for them. Choosing the best dog treats for our Chicago pets doesn’t have to be a challenge if you know what to look out for!



Choosing the best dog treats for our Chicago pets depends on the purpose they will serve. Not all dog treats are the same, and some have other benefits and uses than others. If you’re using dog treats for training, small and plenty of treats will do the best job. There are also tough and chewy treats to keep your dog distracted while you or they do something else. If you just want to reward your dog, a delicious treat they love will do the trick just fine!


The Type of Treat

As mentioned earlier, dog treats are not all the same. There are multiple types of dog treats that you can choose for your pooch available everywhere. Here are some of the most common:



  • Chews: Dogs love to chew, and it is a biological instinct they have from the moment they are born. Dog chews are treats that give them the stimulation of chewing while being delicious and fun!
  • Soft or Wet: Young dogs and elderly ones often have trouble chewing hard food and treats. Soft or wet treats don’t hurt your dog’s teeth, and just let them enjoy!
  • Frozen: Freeze-drying treats removes all the moisture in food. It’s healthier than most options because there are no added ingredients.
  • Biscuits: Dog biscuits are hard and crunchy treats that pups love. Think of it like a cookie, except it's for your dogs!



Factors of Your Dog

When choosing the best dog treats for our Chicago pets, there are factors you need to keep in mind before you decide. For example, an elderly dog may not want a treat that's too hard or chewy. In that case, a soft and easy treat to eat would be best! Also, take into account their medical history and condition. Just like humans, dogs can have dietary restrictions, or you could use treats to give them the vitamins and minerals they lack!


Nutrition Quality

Treats can be junk food for your canine companion, but there are some treats that are good and healthy for them. Always read the nutrition facts of the treats before you purchase and give them to your pet. You should be looking for brands that have no added preservatives or chemicals. Furthermore, try finding natural treats made of ingredients that are beneficial for your pup!


We Can Give You Advice

Bow Wow Lounge is one of Chicago’s oldest full-service locations for dogs in the area. With our decades of experience, your dog is under the best care in our facility. Our staff is knowledgeable in everything there is to know about dogs, and they can help you choose the best things for your pooch. Let us hear from you and schedule an appointment for your canine companion!


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