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Safe Holiday Snacking For Your Dogs This Christmas


The holidays are a time of year when everyone gets together, and it's no surprise that this can be the perfect opportunity for you to share tasty treats with your dog. The problem is that many holiday foods are dangerous for dogs and even fatal in some cases.

Here are some of the most common holiday foods you should avoid giving your furry companion and some alternatives they can enjoy.


What Not To Feed Your Pet

It may be tempting to share your favorite holiday treats with your pet, but you should think twice before doing so. Many common holiday foods are toxic to dogs and can cause serious health problems. These include:


Chocolate: Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine that is toxic to dogs. The amount of chocolate it takes for your dog to become sick varies by size and species of animal and the type of chocolate consumed. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning include vomiting and diarrhea, increased heart rate, restlessness and hyperactivity, tremors and seizures in severe cases.


Dough (containing yeast): Consumption of dough can cause vomiting, a bloated stomach, and the release of alcohol from fermenting yeast. Alcohol can cause toxicity in the bloodstream, which may lead to more serious symptoms.


Onions, chives and leeks: These foods contain thiosulfate, which can cause hemolytic anemia (destruction of red blood cells) in dogs. Symptoms of hemolytic anemia include breathlessness, weakness, diarrhea, lack of appetite and vomiting. It may take up to two days for symptoms of ingestion of onions to appear in pets.


Creamy and fatty foods: These delicious treats may be tasty, but they can make your pet sick. Eating them can cause vomiting and diarrhea or pancreatitis, a severe inflammation of the pancreas that often requires hospitalization and is sometimes fatal. Foods high in saturated fat include fatty meats, foods with creamy sauces and gravies, and some baked goods.


Poultry bones: When cooked, turkey bones and chicken bones become brittle and can splinter. This means that you should not feed them to your dog as they can cause damage to the intestines or blockage.


What You Can Feed Your Pet

Even if your pets can't have some holiday food, you can feed them plenty of other things. The best foods to give your pets over the holidays are high in protein, low in fat and calories, and easy to digest. Food sources of protein include chicken, turkey (without bones and skin), and lean beef.

Fruits such as bananas and apples can be added to your pet's meal for a festive touch. Pumpkins, sweet potatoes and carrots also make excellent additions to your pet's regular diet meal.

You can enjoy the festivities with your pet by feeding him or her healthy holiday foods. As long as you keep an eye on what your dog eats, there should be no problem enjoying all of the yummy treats that come with this season. Consult your vet if you have any questions about your dog's diet or if you have concerns about his health this festive season.


The Bow Wow Lounge Is A Swell Place For Dogs This Festive Season!

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